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To those with good intent. Let us help You send Your message to your audience in a profoundly meaningful way.

up to 99% population reach

strong positive multichannel engagement

very quick and effective

We are redefining the power of impact in marketing and communication.

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We create artistic commercial murals

anywhere in the World where your audience is.

The way we do it is super cool and engaging,

we make the experience smooth  and fun to all parties.

Artistic commercial murals are an up and coming trend in many urban areas across the US, especially NYC, LA, SF.

This new medium in communication is especially demanded among advertisers who are looking to engage the Millennials.

Artistic value makes the commercial murals very engaging among  Your targeted audience of choice.

Generating cross platform marketing opportunities over social media and mobile applications that interact with the mural.

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Our secret ingredient that enables us to help you especially powerfully is the robot that helps us spread art across the globe within days.

We have built a robot that fits to a suitcase and delivers your art of choice to any wall



no size limit

access to unprecedented locations

The coolness factor is super engaging during and after the installations

a robot printing a mural is very instagrammable

we have infinite number of ways how to make murals interactive with Your smartphone

most commonly the mural stays there for years as a background for conversations

this unique combination of art, technology and experience has proven to have unprecedented media reach.

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