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About SprayPrinter

SprayPrinter is a smart spray technology. Our robot, named Albert, climbs walls and paints murals with spray paints. It takes a minute to paint 1 m² (10.76 ft²).
It is a sprint towards creative placemaking. We turn walls into canvases and cities into public art galleries. Making blighted areas enlightened.
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SprayPrinter has brought together the brightest minds in the industry to completely reinvent the way how we think about and design our visual surroundings. SprayPrinter represents a sprint towards creative placemaking, activating vibrant neighbourhoods and engaged communities.

The robot prints murals on walls using spray paint. Until now, most of the murals in cityscapes are hand-painted. Painting and printing are both very common techniques in the art world, but no one has ever printed large-scale murals using spray paint before. Hand-painted murals can take 2 weeks with scaffolding, manpower and equipment. SprayPrinter robot prints 1 m² in a minute, making it much more efficient in terms of cost and time.