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Stuck in traffic on a highway through suburbs, walking along the same streets as yesterday. For years. Watching drunk or crazy people fight on public transport. Turn up the sound in your headphones to get away from this dreary mundane activity of getting shit done, going from one place to another. Keep thinking the same things over and over again. Mind wanders. Through places not here, anywhere but here. Why are you wasting time on this nonsense?

Suddenly, a spark. A monumentally big colourful message appears around the next corner of houses. It's hard to realize that it's real. You have been here so many times and for so long; you have never seen that... Is it a new building? No, that impossible. Still, has to be a new building. Or at least a new wall. You were here yesterday...

You keep your eyes on the mural in the distance as long as you can see it and... Who did it? When? How? You are still thinking about it when it has passed. No longer will you fall back to this zombie-state that you were in before. Your eyes and your mind are now activated. What else has happened in this space you live in? You want to know where it came from and why. You are looking for more.

I am Albert. I was here last night. With the help from a couple of ninjas, I made it. My main goal in life is to travel. I want to go everywhere. I have an amazing ability to climb and paint every and any kind of wall as long as I have my ninjas. Just invite me, and I will light the spark.

I believe that public spaces do not have to be static and monotonous. It is my mission to keep people alive outside their homes. Keep people looking. Looking around to find new ideas. To find surprises around the corners you thought you knew so well.


The Robot Muralist


Our creators are based in Estonia and California. Our robots work with trained NINJAS and are happy to serve YOU globally.


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