Is it your home, your office or any public space – we can make it beautiful!
Robot Muralist will paint your favourite picture to any flat surface.

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What Is Robot Muralist?

Robot Muralist creates public art with an impact. Our robots print images in any size to any flat surface. We are transforming cities, communities, public spaces and homes through the vision of artists.

Robot Muralist represents a sprint towards Creative Placemaking, activating vibrant neighbourhoods and engaged communities around the world. Your environment is related to your creativity, productivity and both physical and mental health. Art around you helps inspire positive thoughts, feel more safe and live a joyful and healthy life.

How Does Robot Muralist Work?

Fuelled by Local Artists

Robot Muralist brings art closer to people. Our mission is to help you bring art to all your environments - public spaces, offices, home, etc. It gives artists the power to tell stories and people more possibilities to change their own surroundings.

Powered by Innovative Technology

Robot Muralist was developed to paint photorealistic images in any size to any flat surface. It prints pixelated style with a dot diameter of 1 cm (0.4 inches). All tones can be achieved by mixing different colours.

Presented in the Interwebs

Robot Muralist engages audiences and creates background for the conversations our society needs the most. Mural art is a great medium for message delivery on a wide scale. Murals attract people and drive buzz for social media.

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