SprayPrinter is a young company that was established with the aim of developing, manufacturing and marketing novel wireless spray printing technology that has various applications and target groups. In order to develop SprayPrinter’s product, the company has access to not only the facilities at Tartu Spark Building and the local Maker Lab but also to those belonging to Prototaip OÜ and Wazombi Labs OÜ – this includes extensive prototyping facilities, mechatronics labs, CNC devices, etc. We have also grown our own inventory of equipment in the past year to develop our own in-house prototyping and tinkering laboratory.

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Richard has previously worked as a CEO at a boat building and nautical development company, which has given him valuable experience in terms of founding an innovative company and carving out a market share of an otherwise traditional field of business. During the turbulent and fast-paced development of SprayPrinter, Richard has been recognized internationally as a capable and inspiring entrepreneur and has given talks at many start-up events and conferences, in addition to winning several pitching competitions. Richard’s previous experience and entrepreneurial spirit will be key in realizing SprayPrinter’s ambition to launch the second generation product of our successful and highly innovative device in an otherwise traditional market of wall art and interior decoration.

Favorite thing to sprayprint: Presidents of America
Favorite colour: many at the same time
Hobbies: sailing, MMA, music

Skills: negotiating deals, seeing the big picture but also noticing small details, motivational speeches, bold decisions, entrepreneurial spirit, good sense of humour, working hard, playing hard


inventor, R&D

Mihkel is creative mind behind the SprayPrinter device and the CEO of Prototaip OÜ, a small company focusing on CNC milling, turning and other metalwork. He has valuable experience in running a workshop of mechanical engineering and prototype fabrication which are crucial in the further development stages of SprayPrinter’s product, in addition to fully utilizing the innovative aspects of the current technology.

Favorite thing to sprayprint: selfies and Einstein
Favorite colour: red
Hobbies: fireart, acroyoga, inventing

Skills: creative mindset, experienced inventor, fast thinker


CPO, production engineering

Henry has an MSc degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Tallinn University of Technology. He has experience working at both very large corporations such as Siemens and also for small companies, such as Tech Group LLT that focuses on innovative engineering solutions. He has worked as a design engineer, project manager and sales manager. Henry has ample experience in organizing production, engineering and supply chain management which will be necessary in the later phases of the company, in addition to being actively engaged in product development and testing activities.

Favorite thing to sprayprint: mountains
Favorite colour: aurometalsaurus
Hobbies: mountain climbing, photography

Skills: MSc Industrial Engineering, putting things our inventor comes up with in a bow, calming everyone down with his healthy amount of pessimism



Alo has a degree from the University of Tartu in Commercial Economics. He worked at Estonia’s leading daily newspaper, Postimees, for three years as an economic manager, in addition to founding and managing a publishing house for 22 years. He has participated in and led several projects and undertakings, both in the fields of innovation, research and development. His long years of experience in communication and creating efficient management structures are invaluable in the context of managing the company.

Favorite thing to sprayprint: deer
Favorite colour: cherry red
Hobbies: sailing, military, swimming

Skills: years of experience in business management, economics UT


CIO – Chief Inspiration Officer

Sirla is the mother of Estonian street art. She is the head organizer of an international street art festival Stencibility that is held in our home town Tartu now for 7 times. Rumours say that she is the head of the notorious girl crew and active as an street artist but no one has the proofs. She is currently studying communications at Tartu University in the masters programme. In SprayPrinter Sirla is the marketplace manager for ready-made designs building up the artists community surrounding SprayPrinter.

Favorite thing to sprayprint: hearts and dic*s
Favorite colour: glitter pink
Hobbies: drawing and dreaming

Skills: visual communication, guerilla marketing, crowdsourcing, art and design, photography, bad jokes


head of communications

Aet has studied Journalism and Communication at the University of Tartu and. Her competences and tasks include managing the brand strategy, media relations, compiling written texts and producing promotional videos, event planning and organizing. She is responsible for visibility for the product and positive brand identity. 

Favorite thing to sprayprint: handsome men
Favorite colour: burgundy, grey, black, navy
Hobbies: writing, horseback riding, rescuing stray animals

Skills: brand strategy, media relations, written texts and videos, event planning and organizing, provoking


professional sprayprinter

Graduted from Tartu Art College where he studied media and advertising art Uku is a creative and kind soul. He is the world’s first professional sprayprinting master that makes him the main guy to call when we need high-quality sprayprinted images. He is also responsible for developing the visual identity of SprayPrinter. Uku is passionate about recycling, in fact, he is the one who goes through the dumpsters in our office and outside.

Favorite thing to sprayprint: ex-girlfriends
Favorite colour: blue gray
Hobbies: tinkering, DJ’ing, competitive recycling

Skills: graphic design, video production and animation, aerosol art, improvising


customer support specialist

Life motto: “If, at the end of it all, according to our abilities, we have done something to make others a little happier, and something to make ourselves a little happier, that is about the best we can do. To make others less happy is a crime. To make ourselves unhappy is where all crime starts. We must try to contribute joy to the world.” (Roger Ebert)

Favorite thing to sprayprint: cool film characters
Favorite colour: green
Hobbies: films, languages, history

Skills: remaining calm and patient in extreme situations, peaceful, friendly, stoic, multilingual


sales manager

Jürgen is a newly appointed Sales Manager of SprayPrinter. He has an MA in Economics from the University of Tartu and has previously worked as a sales manager, business analyst and a business consultant. At SprayPrinter, he is responsible for organizing sales, gathering and analyzing use cases, sales work support and building up the sales network.

Favorite thing to sprayprint: animals
Favorite colour: brown
Hobbies: running, skiing, swimming, MMA, football, basketball, yoga, taiji, reading, mansion complexes and hiking

Skills: selling, use case analysis, technical understanding, computer skills that support sales activity, negotiation and teamwork


software developer

Joonatan: “There is truth and beauty in good software and algorithms. This is what I have chosen to pursue.”

Favorite thing to sprayprint: horses
Favorite colour: blue
Hobbies: pool, paintball, chess

Skills: software development
Value: developing image processing software


the Duck

Tommy was rescued from a thrift store in San Francisco. When flying back to Estonia Sirla had to carry him the whole day cause all her luggage was full. The amount of compliments they both received during the trip made her realize that Tommy is the perfect conversation starter. Now Tommy works at SprayPrinter as an ice breaker and juhtmekokkuajaja.

Favorite thing to sprayprint: he’s the one being printed
Favorite colour: shiny
Hobbies: socializing, attending tech conferences and fancy dinners