Richard and Mihkel meet. Yin & Yang

a9r5cr355_1l7cgy7_40gkRichard and Mihkel met at a party on a small Estonian island, Tondisaar. They clicked right away and both understood that they could do great things together. Mihkel told Richard about the inventions he had come up with, one of them being SprayPrinter which Richard saw potential in it right away.

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Taking part of the Hardware accelerator Build It

a9r19n8z9c_1l7cgy9_40gkMihkel comes up with the proof of concept prototype of SprayPrinter and the company applies for hardware accelerator BuildIt. Actually, it was the third time for Mihkel to apply there. Two previous times the idea did not get accepted and Mihkel was told he needs a team.
Third time, Mihkel and Richard were told that, okay, they can take part of the programme but BuildIt will not invest in the company. Well, later on, they did.

Winners of a prototyping contest Prototron

a9rt1m9q_1l7cgyb_40gkWinning the prototyping contest Prototron not only secured the very needed 8k, it also gave us confidence and will and reminded us we are on the right track.

Early prototype


There were many early versions of how SprayPrinter will look and function one day, this is one of them.
Here you can see our inventor Mihkel explaining why some ideas were chosen and others disgarded: LINK


a9r1d98o86_1l7cgyf_40gkWe were positively shocked by the impact one article on Designboom had on our global visibility. It was the first big online site to cover SprayPrinter and after that, more than 30 blogs picked it up and all of a sudden, there were articles on SprayPrinter every day in different parts of the world and in different languages.

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Discovery Channel

a9rk27d1h_1l7cgyh_40gkDiscover Channel was another great compliment. The entire team spent 16 hours in a basement (with it’s ups and downs) to print a picture for the clip in the Discovery Channel.

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Indiegogo campaign 159% succesful

a9r17z261i_1l7cgyj_40gkWe did not really know what we were doing. Meaning, we learned a lot during this journey. About scheduling, contacting journalists, strategies etc. Yes, there were a lot of things we did not know beforehand and it was a lot of trial and error, but we were succesful. This campaign did not only enable production, it gave us market validation that there are people out there interested in our product.

London Tech Crunch Disrupt

a9rddjff5_1l7cgyl_40gkWe managed to reach the top 10 most disruptive startups. It was the biggest tech event our team had been to and the interest in SprayPrinter and the experience we gained kept us on the right course.

San Francisco Crunchies Awards

a9r1bkltpr_1l7cgyn_40gkWe were invited to do a demo at the Crunchies Awards. It was an opportunity that seemed too good to be true and we made some major contacts there.

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First artistic collaboration with a street artist Edward von Lõngus

a9r12q7qn9_1l7cgyp_40gkThe Autoportrait of Vincent” by Edward von Lõngus is a futu-retropainting, where old styles meet new technologies, creating the realm of digital impressionism.

“When the SprayPrinter team offered me to try out their latest invention, I chose the self portrait of Vincent van Gogh as a tribute to the old masters. Impressionism was the first step towards unlocking the secrets of pixel imaging, the key element in modern visual communication,” Edward von Lõngus told about his interpretation.
You can read more about SprayPrinter’s possible impact on street art from here.

Since the very beginning, we have emphasized that SprayPrinter itself does not make anyone an artist. It works like a brush or a colouring book. Or something in between. Or both. But the willingness to try out different techniques and tricks is what makes it possible for an artist to benefit from it. And we are always very eager to see how artists interpret the tool. Especially because we understand that people might be sceptical towards new technology. More than once have we met a position that this device is too “tech”, therefore the result is too mechanical, too easy. We were delighted whenEdward von Lõngus interpreted the tool in his own manner and surprised us with what SprayPrinter is capable of.

Testing on textile

a9r15vub7j_1l7cgyr_40gkThe core technology behind SprayPrinter is unique and all the possible ways to use it are yet to be dsicovered. We are working hard so that in the future the prints could be erasable, edible, microscopic or gigantic, to name same options. When we first tested printing on textile (and it worked out quite decently given the fact that we used just normal spray paints), it felt like a huge leap forward. Still does.

Wall of Fame

a9r2sl3sa_1l7cgyt_40gkGarage48 Hub is a community driven coworking space in central Tartu for startups, creative, tech and entrepreneurial people from Tartu, Estonia and beyond. There is a wall of fame for local startups and we were close to tears when our sign was out there next to Weekdone, Fortumo, Sport-ID. It’s an honour to be among such a noble bunch!

Trademark SprayPrinter registered in European Union

a9r19zzjta_1l7cgyv_40gkYup! The process takes longer and is much more difficult than one might first imagine.

The most innovative Hardware Startup (Tallinn Hardware launchpad)


The funny thing is, we decided not to use words like “innovation” or “revolution” in our press texts because they are rather overused and do not mean anything anymore. But sometimes it is not up to us :)

You can read about other teeny-tiny communications decisions we have made from here.

Login 2016 Festival in Vilnius

a9rd22vhl_1l7cgyz_40gkAt the Login Festival 2016 in Vilnius, it was a bit weird because all of a sudden other startups and visitors had heard about us.

You can check us out on a Lithuanian TV-show, the interview is in English.

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The Asia Tour

a9r1apa2j5_1l7cgz1_40gkThanks to HWTrek, we had a chance to visit China to meet manufacturers. It would have taken us at least a year or more to find the suitable partners we found within a week if there hadn’t been HWTrek. We took away some pretty important lessons that actually imply to most western startups dealing with China.

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Pioneers Festival Vienna

a9r1pcmfpw_1l7cgz3_40gkFrom there we came home with some major contacts and we hope to share the impact of that with you soon 🙂

Winners of business ideas competition Ajujaht

a9r32kcfy_1l7cgz5_40gkThis competition taught us a lot. It is the biggest business ideas competition in Estonia. The whole thing started in October 2015 and ended in May 2016. Throughout the journey, we were given so many different tasks that challenged us in multiple ways. The benefits, however, came rather quickly. Healthy deadlines boost productivity. Besides, local investors knew what SprayPrinter is and it opened quite many doors for us.
Oh, after winning the show, Mihkel the Inventor proposed to his girlfriend on live-TV with his own poem. She said yes :)

You can see our reaction when the winner was announced: watch.

And read more about the competition and the tasks we were given from here.

Latitude59 and Pitch@Palace, introducing SprayPrinter to the Duke of York and Estonian Ministry of Entrepreneurship

a9rojrdre_1l7cgz7_40gkRichard won the best pitch prize on the investor day. On the picture you can see the Duke of York and Estonian Minister of Entrepreneurship checking out SprayPrinter.

Tallinn Art Week

a9r6fgb8h_1l7cgz9_40gkBeing invited to Tallinn Art Week has substantial meaning to us. Because we see SprayPrinter as something that can open up new perspectives for artists. We would even go as far as to say that sprayprinting is a new art movement.
On the right you can see Mr Vonnegut by Ilmar Kruusamäe. Mr Smith on the left was made with SprayPrinter during the festival and passersby could take part of it. The author of this design – Edward von Lõngus – instructed that the hand movement should be straight down. His aim was to emphasize the Matrix code effect. Turned out pretty ok 🙂

Cooperation with the best spray paint manufacturer MTN

image-2016-08-22-14-15-56MTN is developing a special spray paint for SprayPrinter users so that the pixels will be sharper, handling more convenient not to mention safer and the final quality of the print remarkably higher. We have also discussed co-branding possibilities. Plus, MTN’s distribution branch will switch SprayPrinter into their resellers’ network.

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Shipping to the first customers


It took us longer than we expected. Well, actually, a factory we ordered some parts from, moved and we weren’t informed in time so we couldn’t find any other manufacturer quickly enough. Once we did receive the parts, it turned out the Android app was not in the condition to be given out to our customers. But now, we are in the process of shipping sprayprinters and it feels good.

Luis Figo


Portuguese soccer legend Luis Figo signed his sprayprinted portrait at Web Summit in Lisbon

Einstein print


SprayPrinter has a passion for invention and innovation, so we paid tribute to one of the greatest innovators of all time Albert Einstein with the world’s largest sprayprinted mural. This time, we attached a regular SprayPrinter on a wall-climbing robot. It took 5 hours and only 3 cans of spray paint. Watch the process and see how amazing it turned out.
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Second crowdfunding

kickstarteri pilt

Our second crowdfunding campaign for an improved product was a success, reaching 160% funding. We raised $83,288 from 366 backers! SprayPrinter 2-s will be shipped by June 2017
Here’s a link to the campaign and the improvements that SP2 will bring: kickstarter.com

SprayPrinter at Techchill 2017


SprayPrinter Takes The Top Prize At TechChill !!
As an award a trip to Silicon Valley with a full agenda and meetings with selected investors.


In the aftermath of our Kickstarter campaign we received honors from EPRA (Estonian Public Relations Association) for best start-up communicaton and the Baltic PR Awards in the international communications category. We are especially proud of the last one, because it was the highest score in the history of the award.

Our journey continues...