Create Printable Images Automatically

We have created an online application which enables you to prepare your own sprayprintable files.

You can upload any design, photo or art and play around with different features. There are the usual brightness/contrast sliders; also some specifically useful ones for making designs. The entropy slider can be used to reduce detail or add some dithering. Dithering enables a more realistic outcome when sprayprinting on larger surfaces.

You can upload the generated design to your collection (login required) or just download a ZIP container with the layers. The container includes information about the color tones to use. If you choose to generate solid background layers, the background color is also mentioned. The color chart has been programmed according to MTN Water Based range.

Not all images may be well suited for this kind of processing. There should be a limited number of colors on the image and plenty of contrast. Dithered images may not look good when printed smaller than 1 meter (3 feet).

The app is in active development at the moment so expect some bugs. If the generated design seems to be faulty, there are a couple of things you can do. First is to try again – experience with the app enables you to make better designs. Also we suggest to always download the layers if you like the image. Minor errors can be corrected in an external editor like GIMP or Photoshop.

The editor is an awesome tool to play around with. There’s a lot of different images one can make with the app from stencils to profile pictures.

We hope you can make one you like.